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ASIA ALLIANCE CAPITAL | | are officially launch today on 1st of February 2011

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Our main services;

1. FX Professional Course
2. Weekly FX Market Analysis
3. FXCM Live Account

are now open for registration.

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Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly FX Market Analysis - February 2011 Week 1

Hi all,

This will be the Pre - FX Market Analysis for this week.

As we all know, this week will be a very challenging week. It's the first week of the month which is a favourite week for Fundamental Traders. It's THE NFP WEEK!!

On the weekend, there are so many post about how this month NFP Data will gradually change the trend of the Major Pairs. But contrary on the first day of trading, the speculations tumble as USD lost against all the Major Currencies especially the GBP. The currency is now a creating a Risk Aversion sentiment (the kind of risk to be avoid due to the uncertainties). What is wrong? and what is the reason behind all the sentiment toward the bearish movement of USD?

This is what I quoted from my favourite market commenter. Kathy Lien (Director of Currency Research GFT)

1) The price action in the financial markets today suggests that investors are in a better mood but this improved sentiment masks the escalating tensions in Egypt. The market may be relieved to find the Suez Canal open for operation and Egyptian President Murabak still in power but the protests have continued for a seventh Day and demonstrators are still calling for Murabak to step down. A "March of Millions" is scheduled for Tuesday and continued violence could lead to another round of risk aversion like the one that we saw on Friday.

...and here the extra boost for the sentiment for this week.

2) "This week is about job growth and it is only thing that could change the sentiment of the central bank. Strong job growth would ease concerns about the pace of the U.S. recovery while sluggish job growth could exacerbate them."

Remember the ADP Non Farm Employment Change? It's a hint toward the NFP Data Number but for two month in a row it has been out of the theory. Still we will be looking for a hint for NFP and as for now it's the only one.

Too many uncertainties on the volatility of USD? Well, there is a way... Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen. The Full House Pair. It can triple all you have or wipe out everything in a day. BUT this pair have showed us a less average market movement for the last 2 weeks. This is due to mix correlation between GBP / USD / JPY movement. So this pair now seems to be mix up with all the sentiment and make a simple trading speculation for all of us. Furthermore, this pair react more toward GBP Economic Data Announcement. This 2 days, we will be focus more on Technical Setup as the market only react on false sentiment especially on pound. By the way, there are 2 news coming out of Great Britain on the evening. So we will be extra careful on this data announcement.

Below is what I quoted from my favourite commenter. John Kicklighter (Currency Strategist at 

"The other reason for my hesitance to take on a high-risk position was the existing exposure to GBPJPY. Largely a technical setup, I have been with this pair for nearly a week longer than I had expected. Looking for a reversal after its channel test, this was largely a technical setup; but the resolution was primarily fundamental."

You can check out my Weekly FX Market Analysis which as usual will be sent to you by email.

And still for this week FX Market Analysis, I will post a trade decision on GBP/USD (Fundamental & Technical).

I'll also post any update on above mentions Currency Pair.

For more information or to subscribe The Weekly FX Market Analysis please send an email to

Thank you.

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Disclaimer: Forex Trading involves high risks, with the potential for substantial losses and is not suitable for all persons. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Monday, January 24, 2011

ASIA ALLIANCE CAPITAL | will make a soft launch on 1st February 2011.

On that day, we will launch our website and all trader can start open their LIVE & DEMO account with us. All other service like FX Professional Course will be open to register. Promotion on February will be update and Weekly FX Market Analysis will be distribute to all members.

Any enquiry please sent to

Thank you & Happy Trading!

Kind Regards,

Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin

Sunday, January 23, 2011

FX Market Analysis

FX Market Analysis - Pound vs Dollar

This is what I quoted from Kathy Lien @ (Director of Currency Research at GFT)

"The resilience of the British pound is remarkable considering that the currency resumed its rally against the U.S. dollar despite a weaker retail sales report. Consumer spending fell 0.8 percent last month, which was four times worse than the market’s expectations."

Below are mine...

GBP/USD: 7 out of 10 speculator suggested the pair will go bullish all the way to 1.63 for next week. But the question is, what the remaining 3 mumbling about? 1 of the speculator suggest a bullish movement for the pair (Medium Term) but before that a simple reversal will occur until 1.5700 price hit (Short Term). Some which out of this 10 speculator even suggest 1.5300 is the point that it will hold the pair. So lets discuss the probability. 

The 7 speculator you can find when you google forex market analysis. So here a thought for those 3 speculators. 

- Technical rebound on 1.6050 R2 (based on Nov 2010 high price)
- Technical Bullish Fibonacci Pattern (Bullish mean it will go bearish first!) more likely to be confirm in 3 days (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
- Fundamental Rebound on FOMC Meeting based on last week Unemployment Claims & House Data.
- Very weak Retail Sales Data on GBP.
- Commodity (Gold & Oil) short term fall.

On my last Weekly FX Market Analysis, I have provide you (If you one of them) with the Bearish Fibonacci Pattern. A success for last week and that pattern is still in range. ^_^

Personal conclutions: So here a thought... Lets play safe for next week. We're going to be the audience. The balance, fair & down to earth trader. If the price break my last week pattern price, it mean that the 7 speculators are correct with their analysis and the pair will be bullish. If not the minor, who are "not with the flow", "speculate as they like" speculator win the next week game which we will see the price go to 1.57 or 1.53. 

Fair & Square. I'll update you by email when I see any potential winner and we will follow them. As usual, trade for next week will be update by email. 

"Patience is the key to all luck".

Good luck and happy trading! 

Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin

Solo Capital Group (Professional EA Provider) | 
Golden Horse Warrior (RT Manual Trading) |

Disclaimer: Forex Trading involves high risks, with the potential for substantial losses and is not suitable for all persons. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly FX Market Analysis by Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin

Hi all,

I have started my own Weekly FX Market Analysis. The analysis mainly focus on Pound, Euro, Dollar & Yen which include Fundamental & Technical Analysis.    

This week analysis has brought in 80 point to each of my account and the Technical Analysis can be use as guidelines through out the week. 

For more information & to download* my Weekly FX Market Analysis, please go to

Warmest Regards,
Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin


*T&A apply.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Bermula bulan Januari saya sudah tidak lagi bersama Nusajaya Wealth Management Pte Ltd / NusajayaFX sebagai Training Manager. Melalui beberapa persetujuan, saya telah memulakan langkah baru didalam bidang yang saya ceburi sejak 4 tahun lepas ini.

Untuk pengenalan, saya telah mewujudkan sebuah syarikat baru yang diberi nama ASIA ALLIANCE CAPITAL. Dibawah nama perniagaan / AsiaFXCapital.

ASIA ALLIANCE CAPITAL akan menjadi Referring Broker kepada Forex Capital Market / FXCM. 

Harapan saya adalah supaya perniagaan ini akan berjalan dengan lancar dan berterusan. Peluang yang diberikan akan saya gunakan sebaiknya untuk menjayakan semua yang telah diusahakan.

Salam untuk semua,
Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin
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