Friday, August 27, 2010

The Never Lose Strategy in Forex - Part 1

Alhamdulillah, NusajayaFX has grabbed more attentions in the eye of Singaporean especially the Malays community. We have been experiencing new level of traders. Our participant now mostly an expert trader and some of them trade for a living. There's nothing much to teach them but enough by adding some of the 'secret ingredient' to boost their trade and maximize their profit. What is in the 'secret ingredient'? Feel free to read more… ^_^

The Secret Ingredient in Forex Trading

I called it 'THE NEVER LOSE STRATEGY'. This is what every trader being craving for and it is here been thought at NusajayaFX Training Centre.

It’s wise to use this strategy but this strategy only can be use by the wise trader. Some may have the gut to use this strategy and some bust simple by using it. As for me, this is the best strategy ever use by me. How smart is this strategy? Well you could ask my student. Not to brag but to share.

As part of my research told me that Indicator is useless and lagging. Therefore I don’t use it. The more indicators I use the more I’ll get confuse. Give me thousand of indicator and still it will tell me nothing. Trading has to be simple. The simpler it gets the better it will be. Furthermore, the main objective in trading Forex is to make profit. So don’t waste your time looking for the best indicator and get complicated over it.

Understand the basic knowledge in Forex and make your way to the top in trading. Some of my student disagrees with me until I show them in Live Trading. Well below are the basic things.

The basic of market movement is the DATA. There are only 2 way in Forex. It’s either going Up or Down. Bullish or Bearish. Buy or Sell. So you need to understand the market data to either Buy or Sell. Did you understand it? No? So I claim that you trade blindly for the rest of your trading days. For you to understand the data, you need to understand Fundamental Analysis.

For me Fundamental Analysis is the Direction in Forex Trading. If I have a direction, the only thing that left for me to do is to follow it. Right? But that is not all in order to profit in Forex.

Long story short... That will be the introduction for THE NEVER LOSE STRATEGY. What is next?

The entry for my direction will be base on Technical Strategy. Why? Where? How? and the most important is When To Enter The Market?

As I said earlier, the basic knowledge is the most important. So here it goes... The basic for entry is by using technical analysis tools which is Support and Resistant. Use Mr. S and Mr. R wisely as they will guide you through your winning strategy.

How a simple line can make you profit so much in Forex? As I said before, trading is simple so make it simple.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Salam Ramadhan dari Singapura

Ini merupaka tahun pertama saya menyambut bulan puasa di Singapura. Terasa seperti tidak sempurna tanpa ibu & ayah disisi. Walaubagaimanapun, saya senang sekali berada didalam keluarga disini. Seribu ucapan terima kasih pada mereka kerana menjaga saya dengan sempurna. Terima Kasih. ^_^

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak dari saya Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin & keluarga. Semoga bulan yang indah ini kita semua dicucuri RahmatNya. Amin. ^_^

Jumpa saya di Pasar Ramadhan Geylang Serai di Singapura. Disana saya akan berada untuk kesekian bulan ini. NusajayaFX Training Centre akan bertapak di booth 53 & 54 Bazaar Ramadhan di Geylang Serai, berhadapan Pasar Geylang Serai. Jumpa disana. ^_^

Sekian sahaja salam ramadhan dari saya Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin. Assalamualaikum.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Berita Harian Singapore

This is my 5th month working here in Singapore. Sincerely I like it here... ^_^
Such a luck for me, in this 5 wonderful month, I've been in Singapore newspaper and radio station. ^_^   

Berita Harian Newspaper

Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin - Berita Harian Singapore
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